Home Sweet Algorithm

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Bringing consumer segments to life for a Public Utility

Our client, one of the largest investor-owned utilities in the US, needed help to better understand high opportunity homeowner segments identified in a large-scale quantitative segmentation study. They were finding the segments defined by the algorithm ill-defined and difficult to target.


Qualitative segment illumination and typing tool optimization

Our digital in-depth discussion study with 70 homeowners recruited via the client’s typing tool quickly revealed that many consumers did not fit their assigned segment description. Our analysis revealed how the typing tool questions were missing important defining attitudes leading to misidentification. We were then able to illuminate and clearly identify opportunity areas for the client with follow up in home ethnographic interviews with more accurately recruited participants.


High opportunity segments brought to life as real people

Our study delivered rich video portraits of each segment with clear recommendations for positioning and acquisition strategies for their homeowner services. And importantly, we worked with the quant firm to strengthen the typing tool with tighter attributes that helped to statistically improve correlation rates to each target segment.