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Below are a few highlights of recent studies to illustrate our range of work. 
Because we value client confidentiality, we do not share branded case studies or examples. References are available upon request.

amber-waves-of-grainGlobal Leader in Crop Nutrition (Agriculture)
Purchase Decision Making and Brand Positioning Study 

frozen-goodnessNew Healthy Frozen Treats from Startup Company
Launch Benefit Messaging “Agile” Qualitative Study

windows-of-opportunityReplacement Window Direct-to-Consumer Market
Home Improvement Path to Purchase Study

wheres-my-beefOptimizing the Meat Department for a Regional Grocery Retailer
Shopping Experience Study

Amber Waves of Grain

Global Leader in Crop Nutrition (Agriculture)
Purchase Decision Making and Brand Positioning Study

In this large scale, multi-stage study for a leading fertilizer producer, we delved into the category to help our client better understand the grower and retail-sales decision making process, and identify key  influencers, needs and opportunities in the North American marketplace.

We began with a 10 day online qualitative ‘deep dive’ among 40 growers and sales agronomists from leading retailers across five key crops.  These insights informed our visits to corn, soy, wheat and cotton growing communities to conduct focus groups, workshops and deep dive interviews with growers, sales representatives, and crop consultants.

Ultimately, we uncovered a new perspective on the category leading to a new brand portfolio strategy. The qualitative work served as a valuable guide to development of a quantitative segmentation study which outlined clear and actionable steps to target key grower and retailer groups representing the most opportunity in terms of influence and sales volume. 


Healthy Frozen Kids Treats from a Startup Company
Launch Benefit Messaging "Agile" Qualitative Study

The client, a VC funded firm of food scientists, needed help translating a proprietary fruit and vegetable processing method into a motivating consumer proposition under a tight budget and fast time frame.

Working closely with a consulting firm, we developed a collaborative, time and cost efficient process to gain and share insights to guide brand positioning, packaging and online and POS messaging. We recruited health-focused moms in key markets to share their frozen treat shopping experiences via mobile technology, followed by in person workshops to explore early positioning areas and visual identity/packaging ideas. Then we chose key participants for follow up in-home product trial and gained in-depth feedback from parents and kids via interactive online discussions.

The study helped the firm quickly land on a highly differentiated consumer-based positioning and provided clear guidance for developing engaging messaging and impactful packaging and point of sale materials.  


Replacement Window Direct-to- Consumer Market
Home improvement Path to Purchase Study

The company, under new ownership, was engaged in revamping their sales and support strategy to grow sales. Working closely with the company’s leadership team, we first analyzed the sales process from the inside and out via executive and regional sales management interviews and accompanied sales calls.

Next, we dug into the consumer’s replacement window decision making process with a national online/mobile-enabled ‘deep dive’ with recent competitive and client customers; followed by in-home interviews with target consumers in three key markets.

We provided buyer personas as well as a detailed mapping of the target’s purchase journey, identifying key triggers and influences along the way; Together with a subsequent closely integrated quantitative A&U study, the results provided the framework of the new sales strategy, and drove sales training and support development.      


Optimizing the Meat Department for a Regional Grocery Retailer
Shopping Experience Study

Together with a leading branded beef provider, we explored how customers plan recipes and meals and shop for fresh meat. The research included in-home ethnography, in-store observation and accompanied shopping trips.

The study uncovered and brought to life key purchase and selection drivers, and provided valuable recommendations that impacted shelf-set, merchandising, messaging and signage resulting in improved sales volume and customer satisfaction ratings.

The video debrief presentation convinced previously skeptical leadership at both companies of the enormous value of qualitative research to help design a better customer shopping experience.