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Our focus is providing clients with actionable insights and implications that guide and inspire brand decision making. We are all about collaboration to go beyond research objectives and deliver findings that will bring brand issues and opportunities to light…and truly help to find solutions to address them. This means everything we do is customized to your specific situation, target, budget and timing.

We help make our clients’ jobs easier by always providing…

  • Personal focus, flawless execution and a pragmatic flexible approach We get involved as much (or as little) as you need from freelance consulting/moderation to full service management of complex, large scale and international studies.

  • Marketing savvy, strategically focused Qualitative Consultants (not just ‘moderators’) comfortable working closely with senior level marketing and brand management, advertising and design agencies, and marketing strategy/consulting firms.

  • Expertise in designing ‘on target’ methodologies We think outside the box with reason, not just to be creative but to find the most effective ways to uncover insights and understand consumer behavior to meet your objectives.

  • Trusted network of ‘best of the best’ qualitative service providers specialized recruiters, facilities and meeting spaces, online and mobile platforms and technology, video editing, designers, transcriptions and other research specialists.

  • International expertise and management of multi-country studies, with trusted partners in key global markets including BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) as well as UK, Germany, France, Mexico and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Implication-driven debrief presentations (not ‘reportage’) customized to your needs and audience We make all of our deliverables attractive, concise and clear, and at the same time richly bringing your target to life with verbatim, video, artifacts and other tools.

  • Partnership with quantitative research firms We work closely with like-minded, strategically driven quantitative partners for fully integrated projects and results.